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 Russian Active Officers Fighting Against Ukrainian Forces Using the Newest Russian Multiple Rocket Launchers - Poroshenko

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko held a meeting with the heads of state security forces agencies.

The press service of the President reportedthis to Censor.NET

ThePresident stressed that, according to the Security Service ofUkraine, the active phase of the antiterrorist operation continues."The new Russian multiple rocket launcher systems were used againstthe Armed Forces of Ukraine during past three days," said he. Theinformation of Russian active officers' participation inhostilities against Ukrainian Army is also confirmed.

TheHead of State said he plans to hold a session of the NationalSecurity and Defense Council during the meeting.

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ThePresident took note of the need for some changes in tactics, whichwould allow narrowing the antiterrorist operation area,strengthening the protection of borders and making the best toensure the protection of civilians.

TheHead of State ordered CEO of the state concern Ukroboronprom RomanRomanov to strengthen the combat operations' efficiency byimproving the weapons supply of the Ukrainian troops in the ATOarea within a week.

ThePresident focused the attention of the Chief of General Staff andthe Interior Minister on the fact that civil authorities mustimmediately return to the settlements freed from the militants. Thelocal officials should be able to take care of the population byrebuilding the infrastructure, establishing peaceful life andproviding social benefits. "The main thing that people need now issecurity," said the President, adding that the local population inthe liberated cities helps Ukrainian servicemen.

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ThePresident emphasized the responsibility of the servicemen forrestoring peace in the liberated cities. "If you regained controlof the settlement, it is important not only to raise the flag, butalso protect it as well as the state and the people," Poroshenkosaid.

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