There Is No Confirmed Information about Russian Military Intervention in Ukraine on July 15

The Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) does not currently have 100% confirmed reports about Russia's intervention in Ukraine on July 15.

NSDC Information Center speaker Andrii Lysenko said this at abriefing on Monday, Censor.NET reports, citing Interfax-Ukraine.

"We still do not have clear and confident information that whatyou said will begin on July 15,"Lysenko said.

Earlier on Monday, head of the Center for Military and PoliticalStudies and coordinator of the Information Resistance group DmytroTymchuk said that confirmation had been received of the penetrationinto Ukraine of Russian special forces units. "During the daywe have observed movements ofunits and militaryequipment across the border fromSumy andLuhansk borderdetachments. Terrorists andRussian mercenaries continue their attemptsto relocate automotive and armoredvehicles to Ukraine, firing at locations of borderunits," Lysenkosaid.

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According to Lysenko, today around 4:30am theterrorists fired at positions of the Ukrainian troops and borderguards near Diakovo village. There are nolosses from theUkrainian side. "The recent events suggest that the Russian sideis aiming to escalatethe conflict in the Donbas.During the last week, thenumber of provocations on the Ukrainian-Russian borderhas significantly increased. The militantssystematically shelled the Russian territoryusing mortars andsmall arms that resultedin a death of a Russiancitizen. The Russianside tries topresent these attacks as committed by the Ukrainianmilitary. Butthese accusations aregroundless," hesaid.

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Lysenko saidthat the Ukrainian sidehas evidence thatthese attacks are notconducted by the Ukrainianforces. He notedthat the Russian side has repeatedly violated theairspace of Ukraine,usually a few times aday the Russian militants andequipment attempt ​​to breakinto the territory of Ukraine.Such breakthroughs occur with the support ofthe Russian borderguards. "There aredetected cases when the ATO forcesare shelled from Russia. Ukraine hasevidence for theappropriate internationalresponse," heconcluded.

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