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 ATO Forces Liberated Several Villages in the Donbas. Some Terrorists Trying to Leave Donetsk – Ministry of Defense

The situation in the area of anti-terrorist operation remains tense as of 07:00 pm of July 14.

The press service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reports this, Censor.NET informs

The situation is the most tense in the cities of Donetsk, Luhansk, Lysychansk, Severodonetsk, and Antratsyt. According to the Ministry of Defense, the militants arrange supporting points in captured state administrative buildings in these localities. The central state television and radio channels are jammed in these cities. Russian TV channels that do not provide unbiased information of the actions of the ATO soldiers during the liberation of the cities in the Donetsk region from terrorists are still being broadcasted.

The militants continue to intimidate locals. There are cases of looting and seizure of private and commercial vehicles recorded creating additional tension among the locals.

The Ukrainian Army and other agencies' servicemen involved in the ATO released villages of Metalist, Oleksandrivsk, Bile, Rozkishne from the militants and unblocked the Luhansk airport during high-intensity battles.

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Some of the terrorists are trying to leave the city putting on civilian clothes and stealing civil cars in connection with the ATO forces successful offensive near Donetsk.

The illegal armed groups was firing Ukrainian Armed Forces positions and checkpoints for five times during the day. The checkpoint was fired near the village of Stara Krasnianka at 00.23-00.30 am. The Ukrainian troops opened return fire.

The terrorists shelled Luhansk airport from the side of Hostra Mohyla neighborhood using rocket systems Grad at about 03.00 am

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The militants also unsuccessfully tried to break through the checkpoint near Zelenopillia at about 11.00 pm. The ATO forces destroyed two vehicles with terrorists during the battle. There are no losses among the Ukrainian Army personnel.

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