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 Soldiers on the Front lines Need Effective Modern Medical Kits. Details for Assistance Included - Volunteers

Volunteer Nastia engaged in the delivery and distribution of medkits and Celox tells on Facebook about the quality of the haemostats that the state supplies soldiers on the frontlines.

"We were shown hemostatic plate produced in Ukraine on one of the checkpoints "that cements the wound like reinforced concrete." Does anyone heard/know of such gauze?

Watch also: "There is Only a Glow of the Explosion. Look, a Shell is Flying!" - Night Fighting in Luhansk. VIDEO

армия медицина ранение
We collect money to purchase haemostats for our soldiers! Join us to save lives! My friends nicknamed Temna Nich, Volodymyr Pavlyuk, PatriotDefence know how to do this

Aval Bank 4149 5000 1502 2190 A.Karashivska

Privat Bank 5211 5374 3253 2013 Y.Karashivskii

Our group of volunteers delivers Celox haemostatic gauze to the soldiers on frontlines. They have already saved lives of many soldiers.

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