"Leave Donetsk. The City Council Will Not Help," Terrorists Started Firing at Civilians in Donetsk - Witnesses

According to local eyewitnesses, terrorists from the so called Donetsk People's Republic started firing at civilians in Donetsk.

Serhiy Harmash, editor in chief of the Ostrov local website wrote it on his Twitter page, Pravda.com.ua informs.

"Separatists are firing at Trudovski (a sleeping district in Donetsk city). Yet, they claim these are our military," he reported.

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Moreover, Harmash claims, the militants robbed passengers of an intercity bus, "Exit to Donetsk-Mariupol highway. Separatists robbed all the passengers of an intercity bus. They took away the gold, money, and even cell phones. They do not let the men out."

The same information is confirmed by Novosti.dn.ua on its Twitter page, "DPR began firing at civilians in Donetsk. Trudovski is being shelled now. It's urgent! Leave Donetsk now. The city council will not help."

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n293592