It is Completely Impossible to Negotiate with Terrorists. They are Nobodies. They Are Only Puppets, Kremlin Obedient Mercenaries - Lutsenko

Russian terrorists can not parley to resolve the situation in the Eastern Ukraine, because they are only Putin's mercenaries.

Yurii Lutsenko, out-of-staff counselor to President Poroshenko and the leader of the Third Ukrainian Republic, expressed this opinion on Friday night in Shuster.live TV-show, Censor.NET informs, referring to Ukrinform.

"We are dealing not with an Army force, but with well-trained bandits and terrorists who have no moral or political limits. Therefore, we can not negotiate with them; they are not responsible for their words. They are nobodies. They are only puppets, Kremlin obedient mercenaries," Lutsenko said.

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Besides, Vladimir Putin has to visit the negotiations in person.

"And then, together with the West, Ukraine will force Putin to withdraw his terrorists. This is the subject of the negotiations. Putin's choice is quite simple: either to withdraw Girkin-Borodai and other Russian saboteurs, or to bring them home in coffins. A third is not given," Lutsenko stressed.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n293515