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 National Guarders Destroyed Another Terrorists’ MRLS Grad "with Pinpoint Accuracy" in Luhansk

The National Guard troops destroyed the enemy’s Grad by the return fire in the town of Sukhodolsk in the Luhansk region of Ukraine.

Head of the public organization Prava SpravaDmytro Snehyriov stated this, assuring that this information isreported to him directly from the scene by his social organizationmembers and local residents witnessing the event, Censor.NET informs, citing UNIAN.

"TheNational Guard troops destroyed the enemy's multiple rocket launcher system Grad bythe return fire in the Komarovo neighborhood of the town ofSukhodolsk about an hour ago (around 05:00 pm). The terrorists wereshelling the Ukrainian border guards' positions using that MRLSGrad," he said

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Snehiriovadded that the enemy's Grad was situated on the bridge leading tothe village of the Liutykove and "it was destroyed with pinpointaccuracy by our troops."

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