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 ATO Forces Blocked Maneuvers of Terrorists in Siversk. The Militants Were Forced to Flee the City - Selezniov

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In the Siversk of the Donetsk region, the active phase of the ATO continues. The servicemen surrounded the terrorist forces, limiting their resistance.

ATO spokesman Vladyslav Selezniov announced on his page Facebook.

"The ATO forces conducted a set of measures to block and narrow the area where the terrorists are. One of the tasks of our forces is to bind force of militants at the border between Siversk and Lysychansk. The perfect tactic successfully accomplished its objectives," Seleznev said.

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He also reported that the ATO forces conducted a series of activities to create a network of checkpoints, allowing to surround enemy forces, thereby, limiting militants' possibilities of resistance.

"After the gunmen realized that the ATO force completely limited their room for maneuver and attacks, they were forced to flee, abandoning Siversk town.
The active phase of the ATO near Siversk continues," he stressed.

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