Kramatorsk Police Will Be Headed by an Officer Who Hid 7 Bags of Weapons from Terrorists: He Did Not Crack under Torture and Came out Barely Alive – Interior Minister

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov appointed Vitalii Kolupay the chief of the Kramatorsk police department. The officer acted heroically in the fight against terrorists.

This was stated by Avakov on his Facebook page, Censor.NET informs.

"Those whom Itrust in the Donetsk and Luhansk region police are the ones whoreally proved themselves in difficult situations. When Kramatorskpolice department was being captured, Vitalii brought out sevensacks of weapons and hid them. Despite being tortured at the handsof Girkin's cronies in the basement of the Security Service inSloviansk he did not give up the location of the weapons. He cameout of the captivity with broken fingers, barely alive…" Avakovsaid.

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He noted thatyesterday he appointed him the chief of the Kramatorsk city policedepartment. "Kramatorsk police was reinforced by officers from Sumyand Volyn. The detachment is strong. We are starting certificationof the "old" policemen. Something tells me that 80% of the slotswill be filled by new people - graduates and officers who came tothe service from combat forces of the Ministry," headded.

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