During the Last Day 3 Soldiers Were Killed and 27 Injured - ATO Press Center

Three Ukrainian servicemen were killed and 27 injured in the ATO zone in the past 24 hours.

The ATO press center said about it, Censor.NET reports, citing Interfax-Ukraine.

"Casualties have reached 615 over the entire period of thehostilities: 173 servicemen have died and 446 have been injured,"the press center said in a report posted on Facebook on Thursdaymorning.

On July 9 at 11.40 pm, an Ural truck came under machine gun firenear the town of Muratove, Luhansk region, the report said. "Thetruck was ambushed. One serviceman was killed and three wereinjured," the press service reported.

On July 10 at 00.10 am, a roadblock in the Luhansk region cameunder fire from an AGS-17 grenade launcher and automatic weapons. Amilitant was taken prisoner. The servicemen did not suffer anycasualties.

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At 01.00 am, the Ukrainian infantry engaged in a shootout withthe militia near Siversk, the Donetsk region. Two mortar units wereeliminated. Two servicemen were wounded, and a tank wasdamaged.

21.05 -21.15pm - a checkpointnear the village of Sobolivka was fired from smallarms. There are no losses ofthe Ukrainian forces.

21.30 pm - a BTR-80 infantry fighting vehicle was blown up by aland mine near Chervona Zoria of the Donetsk region. Two servicemendied and six were wounded.

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21.15 -21. 50 - mortar and automatic gunfire was opened on thetown of Dovzhanskyi from the village of Biriukove on Wednesdaynight. "Seven servicemen were wounded. Two of them are in a seriouscondition. Four of the injured are border guards," the press centersaid.

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