Anti-terrorist Forces’ APC and IFV Tripped on a Land Mine in the Donetsk Region. There are Dead and Wounded

армия бтр

The militants are mining the roads used by the ATO forces for the movement of personnel and vehicles as well as supplying the units.

This was stated by Head of the Information Resistancegroup Dmytro Tymchuk on his Facebookpage, Censor.NETreports.

According to him,BTR-80 (APC) of the ATO forces blew up on a land mine near thevillage of Chervona Zaria (the Donetsk region). Five servicemenwere injured. In the same area a BMP-2 (IFV) also tripped a landmine. The ammunition of the vehicle detonated. Two soldiers werekilled and six wounded.

Tymchuk alsostressed that the situation in the ATO area remains tense. The mostunstable situation is in the vicinity of Donetsk, Horlivka,Luhansk, Antratsyt, Severodonetsk.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n293237