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 Battle near the Luhansk Airport Is Over. Terrorists Suffered Significant Losses - ATO Press Center

The militants continue to fire Ukrainian Army strong points in eastern Ukraine.

Censor.NET reported this, citing theATO press-center.

"Theterrorist groups were actively shelling positions of the Ukrainiantroops in the Luhansk airport using multiple rocket launchersystems BM-21 Grad and tanks during the day. The ATO soldiers gavea fitting rebuff to the enemy. The aviation was ordered off ground.The fight is currently over. The terrorists suffered significantlosses. They lost two tanks and one MRLS BM-21 Grad as a result ofUkrainian Air Forces strikes. The information spread by some mediathat the terrorists allegedly shot down Ukrainian aircraft appearedto be false," the ATO press-center claims.

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"Allaircrafts involved in the operation successfully completed the taskand returned to their deployment.

TheUkrainian troops suffered no losses," the army officials summedup.

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