Terrorists Conducted All-out Attack on Luhansk Airport Using Tanks and Grad MRLSes - News Media (updated)

Throughout the day, the terrorists are committing massive offensive on the airport of Luhansk that is under control of the ATO troops all through the day.

One of the soldiers who is in the airport toldthis to UkrainskaPravda.

"There isa massive attack against us," he said.

"They wereshelling us using two tanks and mortars. It happened at 1pm. and 3p.m. on Tuesday," the source of UkrainskaPravda in the ATO troops said.

"There was information of the movement of twoBM-21 Grad multiple rocket launchers," the source said.

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At thesame time the source of Ukrainska Pravda located at the airportgave the following answer to the question whether the militants useGrad against them as of 05:20 pm:

"They areusing everything except aviation."

ATO pressofficer Oleksii Dmytrashkivskyi later confirmed the informationabout a terrorist attack on the airport of Luhansk to UkrainianNews.

Accordingto his information, four tanks of terrorists are attackinganti-terrorist operation forces in the Luhansk airport as of 05:40pm.

"There isa fight at the airport right now. The terrorists brought four tanksand attacked the ATO forces position," he said.

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