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 Ukrainian TV Journalist Wounded in a Terrorists’ Mortar Attack. PHOTOS

Inter TV Channel journalist Roman Bochkala was injured near Luhansk during a mortar fire opened by the terrorists.

He wrote about it on his Facebook page, CensorNET reports.

"We got caught ina mortar attack 10 km from Luhansk. I was lucky. The hand willheal. But two guys next to me did not have time to hide in theshelter and were killed. May they rest in peace," he wrote. He didnot specify who died in the attack.

Later, he addedthe following:

"My friends, I'mfine! All the wounded were evacuated from the battlefield withoutincident to the military field hospital in the Lugansk region. Fromthere, we were taken to a military hospital in Kharkiv by ahelicopter. They provided all the necessary help. My gratitude tothe physicians and volunteers for everything they are doing!Tirelessly, day and night without a hint of any benefits" hewrote.


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