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 The EU Responded to Hysteria of Russia: Ukraine Has the Right and Duty to Defend the Sovereignty, Law and Order within its Borders

The European Union has taken in consideration recent events in the eastern Ukraine, in particular the fact that the Ukrainian authorities have regained control over several towns previously held by illegal armed groups.

Spokesperson of the EU High Representative forthe common foreign and security policy Maja Kocijančič said this toInterfax when asked to comment on the statement of the Ministry ofForeign Affairs of Russia, in which Russian Ministry expressed itsexpectations for harsh reaction of the EU in response to militaryactions of the Ukrainian army in the east, Censor.NET reports

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"Ukrainehas the right to take legal action to defend its sovereignty,territorial integrity and citizens, with full respect for itsinternational obligations. The duty of Ukraine is to protect lawand order within its borders, keeping a balanced approachprotecting the lives of citizens in particular," she said.Kocijančič noted that the EU continues to support the peace plan ofPresident of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, and remains committed to anyefforts to find a peaceful solution to the crisis on the basis ofrespect for sovereignty and territorial integrity ofUkraine.

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"We hopethat all those responsible for the situation in the area willcreate the right conditions to allow the resumption of a ceasefireand possibly the return of the citizens in eastern Ukraine tonormal life," the spokesperson said. Censor.NET previously reportedthat the Foreign Ministry asks the West once again not to delaysanctions against Russia.

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