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 Poland, Portugal and other Countries will Receive a Visit from the Children of Deceased Members of ATO for Rehabilitation – Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin instructed the Department of Consular Service of the Foreign Ministry and other departments, in collaboration with activists, civil society institutions and the Ukrainian expatriate communities to intensify efforts to solve the issues of treatment and rehabilitation of the ATO participants and civilian victims and their families abroad.

Censor.NET reported this citing the press service of the Foreign Ministry. "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs protects not only the state's interests but also the interests of every citizen who needs our help. President Poroshenko set a clear goal to all involved authorities to provide full cooperation in addressing the citizens affected by the ATO, and their families," The Ministry of Foreign Affairs cites Klimkin. "This is a joint mission of the Ukrainian authorities so we intensify the work in this direction further," he added.

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According to the press service, the Foreign Ministry has already held talks with a number of countries in order to organize recreation for children and relatives of the Ukrainian servicemen (servicemen of the Ministry of Defense, the Security Service and the National Guard) killed during the ATO. Poland, Portugal, the United Arab Emirates, Sweden and Italy have expressed their willingness to participate in this project, the Foreign Ministry emphasizes.

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Lithuania, Czech Republic, Israel and France are also involved in the project on the treatment of Ukrainians who suffered during the ATO. A list of these countries will be continuously expanded. Earlier Censor.NET reported that terrorists prohibited moving the children from boarding schools in the Donetsk region for health care in Ukraine. They only permitted to move them to Russia.

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