ECHR Hears Claims of Ukraine on 1.2 trillion UAH to Russia in Connection with Its Intervention

The European Court of Human Rights has two lawsuits from Ukraine to Russia in connection with the events in Crimea and the Donbas. Other international courts require the prior consent of Russia.

"In today ECHR two lawsuits: one large that includes violation of the rights of soldiers and journalists, and we supplemented it with the economic," the Ukrainian Minister of Justice Pavlo Petrenko told journalists in Kyiv on Tuesday, Censor.NET reports, citing Interfax. He explained that about a month ago the Ministry of Justice has filed a supplement to the lawsuit at the ECHR that concerned the economic issues. "The total amount of the lawsuit is 1 trillion 180 billion hryvna. These are the losses that were estimated due to the limit of use of property rights," he said. According to Petrenko, this is a comprehensive statement regarding the compensation of damages, caused to the Ukrainian state by the Russian side."

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