Minibus with Passengers in Luhansk was Shot at by Terrorists - NSDC

A minibus with civilians was damaged by the terrorist fire in Luhansk Tuesday morning.

According to UkrainskaPravda, it was stated by NSDC spokesman Andrii Lysenko at abriefing.

"During themilitants fire at Luhansk districts a shell exploded near the buswhich was transporting people to work. Unfortunately there are deadand wounded," he said.

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"The Ukrainianmilitary did not shoot at Luhansk in the morning. And we do noteven have an order to shell the town. This order refers to theaviation and heavy artillery. Therefore it is very easy for us todeduce who did it," Lysenko explained.

"There are 8wounded and 2 dead," he specified.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n293027