Two Russian Mercenaries from St. Petersburg Killed near Sloviansk. PHOTOS

Here are some details of the death of two Russian nationalists from St. Petersburg fighting on the side of the separatists near Sloviansk.

They were killed when a group of far right nationalistsgot ambushed by the Ukrainian Army while trying to get out of theSemenivka village, Censor.NET reports with reference to Novyy Region.

Residents of St.Petersburg Matvey Efremov and Vladimir Melnikov came to Ukraine onJuly 1 in a group of twelve Russian far right activists. They camewith a party of military equipment in the amount of 1.32 millionrubles (almost $40,000): boots, uniforms, binoculars and onecrossbow. The operation was led by member of the NationalDemocratic Party Aleksander Zhuchkovskiy.

On July 2 theRussian guests and two DPR militants were detected by the ATOforces while moving from Sloviansk to Semenivka in a minibus. As aresult of a well-organized ambush and fire from mortars and tank,the separatists' vehicle was destroyed and Efremov and Melnikovwere killed. According to one version, they burned in the minivan,and to the other they were killed during theretreat.

терроризм россияне

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терроризм россияне

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терроризм россияне

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