Russian Occupants Tortured and Humiliated me - Ukrainian Director Sentsov

I was tortured and humiliated during official interrogation inside Simferopol Headquarters of the Security Servise. They wanted evidence against the leaders of the Maidan and Ukraine to accuse them as contracters of crimes.

Ukrainian director Oleh Sentsov said this in Lefortovo Court in Moscow on Monday. He was accused of arranging terrorist attacks in Crimea and was being held in a Moscow detention center, Russian TV channel Dozhd said in a television story of about him, Censor.NET reports. He told that he was not arrested on May 11th, but on 10th, and he was the victim of tortures and humiliation. According to the director, he was informed that he will be judged as the organizer of crimes and reclassified his case using stricter articles after he refused to confirm the new authorities of the country and the heads of Maidan to be an organized crime group.

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According to him, he was never a party to the Right Sector and didn't organize any terrorist groups and terrorist acts on the territory of Crimea. "I consider May 9 being a sacred day for any Slav and I also believe any monuments associated with this day to be inviolable. So I consider not only unreasonable, but also insulting accusing me of trying to blow up these monuments," he said. Oleh Sentsov added that he pleads not guilty and does not consider himself the organizer of these crimes. "I consider my case to be politically fabricated, because it is based on the testimony of two suspects obtained by torture, and now this people can not reject them," the director says. Sentsov also said he does not plan any actions of suicidal nature, because threats in this regard have already been made.

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"I also want to express the protest against deprivation of my Ukrainian citizenship: I was and will be a citizen of Ukraine. I do not recognize the annexation of the Crimea and the Russian military takeover of the Crimea. Any agreements which are now signed by illegitimate authorities of the Crimea will be void. I am not a peasant serf and I can not be passed together with the land. I haven't signed any applications to obtain Russian citizenship," the director said. He also said that during an informal interrogation various items were applied to his hands to put his fingerprints. They are likely to be added to the case as evidence, because the testimony alone does not get them only so far." Censor.NET previously reported that the terrorists of Bes held captive elderly couple of Horlivka entrepreneurs for two weeks. The terrorists looted their company.

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