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 ATO Forces Completely Control Semenivka. Terrorists Fired at the Luhansk Airport – Information Resistance Group

The situation report of the Information Resistance group says about it

Censor.NET informs, citing Dmitro Tymchuk's Facebook page that in the area of ATO there are:

- the terrorists continue attacking the Luhansk airport captured by the ATO troops. The militants' attacks were made using 6 tanks and a BMP-2 APC today. The ATO forces fired mortars at positions of the terrorists in response.

- the terrorists fired at a checkpoint controlled by the ATO forces in the Donetsk region. The militants were suppressed by artillery fire opened in response.

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- the village of Semenivka was fully taken under control by the Army. The ATO troops accomplished security filtration measures in the village.

- the terrorists were noticed shelling Metalist village near Luhansk, using MLRS BM-21 Grad. The shelling was made from the side of the Heorhiivka village.

Censor.NET previously reported that most of the border guards refused to leave the detachment after the battle with casualties, but a few dozen defected.

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