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 Mejlis Recalls its Representatives from Crimean Occupation Government

The Mejlis has decided to withdraw its representatives from the government of Crimea. They fear that the incident with Refat Chubarov could be repeated in respect of any of the Crimean Tatar.

"Such actions raise the fear that every Crimean Tatar, who is talking about his rights and freedoms at home, will be dealt with by similar methods. This is unacceptable. Mejlis will make the statement about the illegal actions of the Russian authorities of keeping the leaders of our people out of our homeland," first deputy chairman of the Mejlis Ahtem Chyihoz said to reporters, Censor.NET informs, citing Segodnya

He also added that Refat Chubarov continues to be the head of the Mejlis.

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"The situation with Chubarov is an attempt to decapitate the Mejlis and to sow discord among the Crimean Tatars. But this attempt failed just making the people more consolidated. All our solutions, as before, will be taken in terms of Chubarov's position. The Mejlis continues to operate and all the organizational issues will be fulfilled further in the normal mode," Ahtem Chyihoz said.

According to him, the Mejlis decided to withdraw its representatives from the executive power agencies of the Crimea.

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