$1.42 Billion Blocked in Accounts of Yanukovych and Co

The State Service for Financial Monitoring of Ukraine (SSFMU) continues to search for assets of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. It has blocked $1.42 billion (16.70 billion hryvnia equivalent) in accounts of non-resident companies, related to the ex-President, the website of the SSFMU reports.

The SSFMU reminded that in June it sent to the Prosecutor General's Office materials on financial transactions that involved 42 non-resident companies, controlled by Yanukovych. During 2010-2013, they sent $ 1.36 billion through accounts in one of the neighbouring countries and placed funds in accounts of Ukrainian banks, Censor.NET reports, citing UNIAN.

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"Thus, the total amount of funds, blocked by the financial intelligence of Ukraine of the mentioned non-resident companies is $1.42 billion (equivalent to 16.70 billion hryvnia)," the statement said. The financial intelligence of Ukraine sent additional requests to all banks in Ukraine that allowed to find additional funds in the accounts of 11 non-resident companies. On June 18 $27,710,000 (or 327,010,000 in UAH equivalent) were blocked . In addition, as a result of joint efforts of the SCFMU and financial intelligence of Ukraine, in one of the European countries $49,510,000 or (584,220,000 in UAH equivalent) were blocked on 23 accounts of non-resident companies.

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