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 Army Destroyed Core of Militant Convoy from Sloviansk - Defense Minister


A huge convoy of terrorists retreating from Sloviansk was not let out freely – the Ukrainian military destroyed the core of the convoy.

Censor.NET reports that in an interview with TSN Defense Minister Valerii Geletei stated:

"We constantlyreceived information about the departure of the militants but theintel on the convoy came at the last minute. And when we receivedthe information the relevant units at one of the checkpoints cameinto operation. They waited for this convoy, they were ready Andthey put up a fight. If you go from Sloviansk to Donetsk, you willsee dozens of heavy equipment and many killed separatists. Yes, theconvoy was long and it was not easy to simultaneously neutralizethe whole thing, the terrain allowed them to hide in differentplaces. But it does not mean that they were given an opportunity toescape. I believe that the core, and that is over ten units ofheavy armored vehicles were neutralized," saidGeletei.

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The DefenseMinister commented on the information that terrorists were usingchildren as cover in their retreat. "There is a lot of informationcoming in. Regarding the fact that it was kids - we have no suchinformation. We arrived at the place, looked around but no bodiesof children were found. Believe me, nobody found anything, and ifthey had it would have been in the media already. So I think thatwe should trust the military," he said.

"Today, thePresident has a clear strategy for victory in the Donbas. Thosesteps that were conducted by the President starting from unilateralceasefire. To date, the military is involved as much as possible -tank division, aviation, marines, special forces. Now the soldiershave clothes, shoes, body armor, weapons and we know what to do,"said the Defense Minister.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n292872