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 ATO Forces Advance Across the Whole Front but there are still Some Problems to Solve - Tymchuk

But do not celebrate too early, the military expert warns.

Representative of the Information resistance group Dmytro Tymchuk writes about it on his Facebook page Censor.NET informs.

"Let me say a few words on the current situation. There is a good reason for being in an optimistic mood. ATO forces advance across the whole front. Terrorists are demoralized and abandoning the checkpoits like rats deserting a sinking ship. This is what we have been waiting for and believed in. God give strength to our guys!", he wrote.

"But do not celebrate too early, there are still some problems to solve," Tymchuk pointed out.

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1. Large territory, which was controlled by insurgents until today and which has not been liberated by ATO forces yet. Thus, the terrorists have a lot of free space to escape, maneuver and rearrange.

There arises the question why Ukrainian airforces do not fire at the terrorists? It should be understood that the terrorists are using stolen civilian vehicles. The militants, for example, escaped from Kramatorsk on civil transport. It is clear that the Army will not fire at every civil car on the roads.

2.Lugansk and Donetsk will be full of militants by this evening. We still remember how hard it was to fight the enemy in small Sloviansk full of civilians. Fight the militants will be muchharder in the regional centers.

we have to take control over cities at the first try. But I'm afraid it is hardly possible.

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3. Open border. Unfortunately, taking into account the balance of the forces, it will be hard to regain full control of the Ukrainian-Russian border. While Putin continues to import militants and weapons. Will Kremlin give up considering recent successes of the ATO or, on the contrary, intensify tension in the region.

4. International pressure. From the diplomatic sources we know that the Ukrainian government is under "friendly" Europe heavy pressure. EU demands to stop ATO in the Donbas and declare a truce again. Germany is the ringleader in this "pacifist" choir. It is very difficult to resist EU pressure

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"I believe that all of these problems will not affect the closeness of our complete victory. We have the truth on our side, that what really matters," Tymchuk summarized.

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