Sloviansk Surrounded by the Army. ATO Forces Eliminating the Terrorists Hiding in the City. 5 Armored Vehicles Were Damaged - NSDC

5 militant armored vehicles escaping from Sloviansk were destroyed by Ukrainian soldiers,

NSDC information center spokesman Andriy Lysenko said at abriefing. It is reported by Liga.net, Censor.NET writes.

According to him, ATO forces shelled at the terrorist column. As aresult, one tank, two BMP (infantry combat vehicle) 2 BMD (airbornecombat vehicle) of the militants were hit. Intelligence of the Armyand the National Guard is working in Sloviansk right now.

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Lysenko informed that Sloviansk is ultimately surrounded and thatthe terrorist groups attempting to break the ring are shelled bythe Army. "Sloviansk is surrounded. We are destroying the terroristgangs, which are still hiding in civilian houses in small groups...It is quite difficult to mop up the city. Our main task is to savethe lives of civilians," he said.

Answering the question where Girkin is now, Lysenko said, "We arechecking this information and are not sure yet."

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Also, there was a battle near Kramatorsk tonight: "ATO forcesshelled terrorist positions between the town of Kramatorsk andIllichivka village. Yesterday at 22.50, Ukrainian forces detected aconvoy heading towards Kramatorsk. Artillery fired at the convoyand it broke up".

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n292716