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 ATO Forces Control Most of Mykolaivka Village. Security Officials Found 150 Women and Children Hiding from the Terrorists - Avakov

ATO forces are fighting terrorists in Mykolaivka in close proximity to Sloviansk. The coordinated actions of the Army, the National Guard and special units of the Interior Ministry released the village quarter after quarter from bandits with guns.

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov reported this on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports

According to him, ATO forces control most of Mykolaivka village.

"On hearing the report of the National Guard General Balan who commands the operation directly from the front line of battle:

- We are working for eight hours already, pushing the terrorists away. Though slowly but without losses! The terrorists' resistance weakened after yesterday's clash. Kyiv-1 squad is especially good today. They act very confidently, while they are just the second day in the battle. I'm happy that they appeared that well trained. There are a large number of wounded militants as well as civilians seeking medical assistance on the territory of the hospital that we have taken under control. Paramedics are taking care of them all. We found one hundred and fifty women and children hiding from the terrorists and battle actions in the basement of the Cultural Center building. The first aid is provided to all of them. I asked Governor of Kharkov Ihor Baluta for help and together we organized evacuation of this people to the Kharkiv region for the period of the fighting.

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- And how have people accepted our guarders, how is their mood?

- They welcome our soldiers being happy and very friendly. They are very exhausted. Women say they have suffered much these days and asked to be evacuated for a few days to calm down children and have a break from constant stress. We shall arrange their evacuation fast by means of your Cabinet of Ministers special team from Izium and Kharkiv Regional State Administration," Avakov wrote.

"A few days ... I hope it will be enough to restore usual peaceful life of Slaviansk people," the minister concludes.

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