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 Moscow Banker Presented the Ukrainian Army with 3 Night Scopes worth over $10,000

Among the sponsors of the Ukrainian army you can find citizens not only of Ukraine, but other countries, in particular from Russia.

Volunteer of the COMBAT-UA group Kostiantyn Ostrovskyi tells Censor.NET: "Most people who want to help the Ukrainian soldiers are ordinary Ukrainians with average income, but there are big sponsors, and not only from Ukraine, but also from other countries. Thus, one Moscow banker gave us 3 night scopes for our units. The price of one scope is about 40,000 hryvnia (about 3,500 USD). Moreover, just recently I received 5000 dollars from a person in Chelyabinsk," Ostrovskyi says.

One of these sights together with a set of special equipment the volunteers of COMBAT-UA have already passed to the fighters of the 8th Special Intelligence Regiment on Saturday June 28. The Regiment is conducting combat missions in the immediate area of the ATO.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n292514