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 Hollande and Merkel Urge Putin to Force Terrorists to Negotiate

French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Russia's Vladimir Putin on Thursday to encourage separatists in eastern Ukraine to reach an agreement with the Ukrainian authorities.

The French president's office said,Cenzor.NET reports citingReuters.

Hollande and Merkel stressed in a conversation with theRussian president the importance of implementing a deal reached inBerlin on Wednesday between the foreign ministers of France,Germany, Russia and Ukraine in order to achieve a bilateralceasefire, according to the statement from Hollande'soffice.

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"They (Hollande and Merkel)called on the Russian president to support the organization of ameeting of the contact group before July 5 in order to defineconditions for the ceasefire," Hollande's office said in thestatement.

"To this effect, they askedPresident Putin to intervene to encourage the separatists tonegotiate and find an agreement with the Ukrainianauthorities."

Hollande and Merkel are dueto hold a phone conversation with Ukrainian President PetroPoroshenko in the coming hours, Hollande's office added.

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