300 Terrorists Tried to Return to Russia from the Donbas. Russian Border Guards Opened Fire on Them from all Available Weapons - NSDC

Russia closed its border crossing points and shot a group of 300 terrorists who tried to break into the Russian Federation from the Donbas.

NSDC Speaker Andrii Lysenko announced this at a briefing, Ukrainska Pravda reports.

The Russian border guards continue to close border crossing points to prevent the return of militants to the Russian Federation. The Russian Veselovoznesenske checkpoint suspended its work on July 2.

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"We spotted an attempt of the terrorists' group of 300 people to get out from the territory of Ukraine at night. The Russian border guards opened fire on them using all available weapons," Lysenko said.

"Therefore, the ATO command allows the militants to lay down their arms and surrender. The terrorists are already starting to use this opportunity," he added.

He also said that the Army's current efforts are aimed at taking the terrorists in "dense ring and not let them get food."

"The operation is very active. Our main goal is not to eliminate the militants, but to let them lay down their arms," he concluded.

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