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 Paratroopers Seized Weaponry of Militants: 33 Boxes of Mines, 4 Russian Mortars

33 boxes with mines, a few flamethrowers, and a large number of small arms were captured, most of them were transported in an armored Kamaz.

During yesterday, Ukrainian Airborne troops seized large quantities of weapons from the militants. Some of the weapons were produced in Russia. The website of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine gives such an information, Censor.NET reports.

"One of the units seized a new model of an armored KAMAZ from the militants," the Defense Ministry reported.

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In its trailer they detected 33 boxes with mines, four Russian-made mortars, rocket infantry flame-thrower, automatic grenade launcher, anti-tank guided missile, two portable anti-aircraft missile complex.

Another division of paratroopers seized a large number of small arms.

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