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 With Appointments in the Power Block, Poroshenko Takes Full Responsibility - Journalist

President Poroshenko does not decline any responsibility, but on the contrary, he concentrates all the risks and responsibility on himself.

Chief editor of Censor.NET wrote about it on his Facebook page.

"What do I think about the appointments? Presenting of Yushchenko's General Geletei can be explained only as Poroshenko's repetition of Yushchenko's mistake of 2005. When instead of patriotic or even professional people only "safe" and "harmless" were appointed. The problem is not even how far is Geletei from the Army and Ministry of Defence. The problem is that his career is not a result of intelligence and leadership qualities, but of diligence and loyalty. Very weak move, Petro Oleksiiovych [Poroshenko - Ed.] Yeah, you say - we have most of these ministers - but still making an appointment of key ministries during the war, during tense fighting, needed a more intelligent and rational decision.

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New first deputy head of the Presidential Administration Kosiuk will coordinate the actions of the entire power block. Well, let's hope that he will be able to study the issues at least in 3-4 weeks. That's why I offered to appoint Pashynskyi on this position to preserve some continuity - he dealt with issues of coordination of Ukrainian forces for three months, and given our manual system of coordination, he got a lot of useful knowledge. Anyway, since Kosiuk is said to be a decent manager, there are chances that he will manage to do it. Unlike our generals, Kosiuk should better understand organization and logistics.

Muzhenko's appointment seems logical. Not because he showed his high competence - he just makes decisions quickly, this is not bad at all for our generals, and he does not hesitate to appear in combat formations, and it is also progress. It is too early to praise him - Ukrainian command commits too many hasty and illogical action. But let's see how Muzhenko will cope with his job.

In any case, Geletei, Kosiuk, and Muzhenko are our leaders, and as conscious citizens we are obliged to support them during the war. And to do everything possible to help them to perform their duties in the best way. But let's look at things soberly.

What positive do I see about the appointments? One plus is undeniable: making such appointments, President Poroshenko does not decline all the responsibility, but he concentrates all risks and responsibility for himself personally. Burden becames heavier. Whether Poroshenko copes with it or not, we will see very quickly," Butusov said.

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