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 With Appointments in the Power Block, Poroshenko Takes Full Responsibility - Journalist

President Poroshenko does not decline any responsibility, but on the contrary, he concentrates all the risks and responsibility on himself.

Chief editor of Censor.NETwrote about it on his Facebook page.

"What do I thinkabout theappointments? Presentingof Yushchenko's General Geletei can be explained only asPoroshenko's repetition of Yushchenko's mistakeof 2005. When insteadof patriotic oreven professional peopleonly "safe" and "harmless" were appointed.The problem is not evenhow faris Geleteifrom the Army andMinistry of Defence.The problem is that hiscareer is not a result of intelligenceand leadership qualities, butof diligence andloyalty. Very weak move, PetroOleksiiovych [Poroshenko - Ed.] Yeah, you say - we have most of these ministers - but still makingan appointment of keyministries during the war,during tense fighting, needed a more intelligentand rationaldecision.

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New first deputy headof the Presidential AdministrationKosiuk will coordinatethe actions of the entirepower block. Well, let's hope thathe will be able to studythe issues atleast in 3-4 weeks. That's whyI offered toappoint Pashynskyion this position topreserve somecontinuity - hedealt with issues ofcoordination of Ukrainian forcesfor three months,and given ourmanual system of coordination, he gota lot of useful knowledge. Anyway,since Kosiukis said to be a decent manager, there arechances that he will manage to do it. Unlike our generals, Kosiuk should better understand organizationand logistics.

Muzhenko's appointmentseems logical. Not because he showed hishigh competence -he just makesdecisions quickly, thisis not bad at all for our generals, and he does not hesitateto appear in combatformations, and it isalso progress.It is too earlyto praise him- Ukrainian command commitstoo many hasty and illogicalaction.But let's see howMuzhenko will cope with his job.

In any case, Geletei, Kosiuk,and Muzhenko areour leaders,and as conscious citizens weare obliged to supportthem during the war.And to do everythingpossible to help them to perform their duties in the best way.But let's look atthings soberly.

What positive do I see about the appointments? Oneplus is undeniable: making suchappointments, President Poroshenko does not declineall the responsibility, buthe concentrates allrisks and responsibilityfor himselfpersonally. Burdenbecames heavier. Whether Poroshenkocopes with it or not, we willsee very quickly," Butusov said.

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