Ukrainian Troops Eliminated Terrorists who Attacked Checkpoint in the Donetsk Region - ATO Press Service

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The ATO forces killed the terrorists who attacked a checkpoint in the south of the Donetsk region yesterday.

Censor.NET reports this citing thepress service of the ATO.

"Themilitants treacherously attacked one of the Ukrainian militarycheckpoints. The terrorists moved on civil vehicle carrying whiteflag. Approaching the checkpoint, the militants opened fire usingsmall arms. Those terrorists got a fitting rebuff in response. Theattackers were destroyed," the report says.

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Inaddition, the ATO press service confirmed the information about thedestruction of 5 KamAZ military trucks withterrorists.

It wasalso noted that 18 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded and one waskilled yesterday.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n292424