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 Foreign Ministers of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France Adopted a Path to Cease-fire


The meeting of foreign ministers of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany ended in Berlin.

Censor.NET citingTSN reports that the negotiations resulted in the declarationabout creation of a tripartite group to resolve the crisis ineastern Ukraine. In the near future representatives of Ukraine,Russia and the EU should prepare the conditions for aceasefire.

As Censor.NET reports,citing Washington Post, the steps include reopening talks no laterthan Saturday "with the goal of reaching an unconditional andmutually agreed sustainable cease-fire" to be monitored by theOrganization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, theirdeclaration said.

It should be notedthat the heads of the ministries gathered in Berlin at theinvitation of the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.The meeting was closed to the press and took place in the buildingof the German Foreign Ministry.

The currentnegotiations are the second attempt to resolve the conflict throughdiplomatic means. The first attempt was made by Angela Merkelduring a telephone conversation with Presidents of Ukraine, Russiaand France.

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Then Poroshenko atthe request of his counterparts announced the suspension of theanti-terrorist operation but it resumed after the separatistscontinued to attack and negotiations with them became afarce.

The current talksof foreign ministers had two main points. The first one was how tobuild an effective defense of the Ukrainian border to stop themilitants and weapons from Russia coming into Ukraine. Berlin alsowants guarantees of security for the OSCE monitors working in theDonbas.

Another objectiveof the current negotiations was to pave the way for the cessationof hostilities in the Donbas with factual assistance of Russia forthe separatists cease fire and not use the truce for relocation,rotation, and further attacks on the Ukrainianmilitary.

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