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 ATO Forces Freed Four Towns and Captured a Truck full of Arms and Weapons

To date, the ATO forces completely liberated four towns in the Donbas and seized a truck with weapons.

This was stated by Head of the Information Resistance group Dmytro Tymchuk on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

He noted that "Since the resumption of the active phase of ATO, according to our information, the Ukrainian troops recaptured and took control of the following villages:

- Zakitne

- Raihorodok

- Riznykivka

- Rai-Oleksandrivka

Currently the troops are taking the village of Mykolaivka.

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"As a result of the actions of the Ukrainian paratroopers the ATO seized 33 boxes of 120mm mortar ammunition, two 120-mm 2S12 mortars, two 82-mm BM-37 mortars, two MANPADS several RPO, several Shmel (Bumblebee) flamethrowers, AGS-17 , ATGMs and a large number of small arms," Tymchuk wrote.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n292390