Citizens of Moscow Called the Police on a Representative of Donetsk Terrorists

Moscow citizens reported the Federal Security Service officers of the man threatening them and saying he was arranging support for the militants of the Donetsk People's Republic terrorist organization.

Slon.ru informs about this incident citing eyewitnesses,Censor.NET reports.

AlyonaAntonova and her husband called the police being concerned of thecars with the inscription "The People's Army of Donbas" on them.According to her, armored Gazelle minivan and Chevrolet SUV withoutregistration plates were blocking access to their house at MalayaGruzinskaya Street. The officers of the Presnenskiy police andtraffic police department arrived and called cynophile team tosearch the vehicles.

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Helmets, knives, rubber baton and body armor were found inthe vehicles. Car owner was found soon. He introduced himself asNikolai not being the citizen of Moscow. Nikolai has covered hisface with medical mask saying that he suffers chronic bronchitis.The man told the police that he will guard his anonymity and willnot declare his identity. He also said he has a picture where hepasses aid to the militants of the Donetsk and Luhansk People'sRepublics.

"Thiscomrade behaved cocky and nervous. He was wearing militarycamouflage. He was very rude to me and my husband threateningbodily harm, calling us "liberal faggots" and henchmen ofKolomoyskii " though we are not look like Jews." This was saiddespite the fact that we have not said a word about politics, butonly talked about the fact that we are locals and we are concernedabout that vehicles because our daughter plays in the yard," theMuscovite described the representative of "Donbas People'sArmy."

According to eyewitnesses,several cars of law enforcement agencies, including the FSB arrivedat the scene. Nikolai was detained and the armored van wasevacuated

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Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n292366