Operation to Release Hromadske.TV Journalists Involves all Security Agencies

All law enforcement agencies are involved in the special operation to release journalist of Hromadske.TV Anastasia Stanko and cameraman Ilia Beskorovainyi.

This was stated by head of the group working to releasethe journalists, Batkivshchyna MP Yurii Stets, Censor.NET reports citing RadioLiberty.

"The state ofaffairs is extremely difficult, the special operation involves allsecurity agencies. The situation is under control of the President.Today, after a discussion with Head of the Security ServiceNalyvaichenko, a decision was made to transfer the control of theoperation to his agency," Stets wrote on his Facebookpage.

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Earlier, twoemployees of Hromadske.TV were captured in the Luhansk region. Therepresentatives of the Luhansk People's Republic did not set forthany specific demands for their release.

Spokesman ofthe NSDC Information Center AndriiLysenko stated that Stanko and Beskorovainyi are alive, and thatnegotiations to secure their release are underway.

OSCErepresentative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatovic expressedoutrage at the detention of Hromadske.TV journalists in the Luhanskregion and called on their release.

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