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 Russia Sets up Checkpoints Along the Border with Ukraine: "These are Retreat Blocking Detachments. Mercenaries Should not Be Able to Return". VIDEO

The Russian Federation closed 3 checkpoints on the Ukrainian-Russian border. Representative of the Information Center of the NSDC Andrii Lysenko announced this at today’s press conference.

Lysenko claims the militants werepreviously easily coming through these checkpoints, Cenzor.NET reports, citing Novosti Donbassa. Now the Russianborder guards reinforce these points by heavy armored vehicles.

The representative of the NSDC believesthat the goal of this kind of detachments is to prevent themercenaries to return to the territory of the Russian Federation.Lysenko said that such cases have already taken place. The Russianborder guards have shot up a minivan with mercenaries that wastrying to return to the territory of Russia.


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