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 Terrorists Set Many Mine Traps in "Dolzhanskyi" Border Checkpoint. PHOTOS

Leaving the checkpoint "Dolzhanskyi" in the Lugansk region, the terrorists prepared mine traps for the Ukrainian military.

This was reported to Censor.NETin the press serviceof the State Border Guard Serviceof Ukraine.

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Special units of sappers of UkrainianArmy defused 15 explosive devicesat the entrance to the checkpoint and 20directly at thecheckpoint.

граница миныграница мины

Mine trapsat the checkpoint, werethoroughly prepared andintended for the destruction ofa large number of the Ukrainian military.

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In particular, the explosiveswere in bucketshalf filled withconcrete, while the remainingvolume was filled with metal objects that wouldkill and injure in case ofexplosion.

граница мины

Explosive devices werepartially interconnectedand also connected tothe cars that were at thecheckpoint.

граница миныграница мины

When using these vehicles, "traps"also would had detonated.

граница мины

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