SU 24 Front-Line Bomber Destroyed Terrorists’ Antiaircraft Mount with its Engine Burning. Damaged Jet Landed, Crew Survived - ATO Press Officer

Ukrainian jet bomber was hit by terrorists this morning near Semenivka. The pilot managed to bring the aircraft to a designated landing site.

ATO press officer Oleksii Dmytrashkivskyisaid this to Obozrevatel, Censor.NETinforms.

"SU 24aircraft flew around surveying the terrorists' deployments in themorning of July 2. It was fired from the air-defense weapons nearthe village of Semenivka. The pilot managed to maneuver but one ofthe shells damaged the aircraft," Dmytrashkivskyi said.

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Due to the fact that the pilot turned offthe engines, the fire was extinguished and the plane was able tofly another 300 kilometers and land in a distinguished area.

"Duringshelling the pilot managed to destroy anti-aircraft mount, whichfired his plane. The jet caught fire again upon landing, but it wasimmediately extinguished. There were no casualties among the crew,"Dmytrashkivskyi reported.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n292300