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 During the Last 24 Hours Terrorists Hit a Ukrainian tank and Killed a Soldier. Losses of Militants Are Counted in Hundreds - ATO Spokesman

During the last 24 hours, ATO forces heavily fired at the terrorist groups, destroying a large amount of manpower and military equipment. However, there are losses among the Ukrainian forces.

Speaker of theATO Oleksii Dmytrashkivskyi told about this, Censor.NET reports, citing UNN.

"Ukrainiansecurity forces sufferedcasualties. Onesoldier was killed - he was killed bya
terroristsniper. Also 13 Ukrainian soldierswere wounded in massive shellingby the terrorists, including artilleryones," thespeaker said.

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Also ATO forces suffered losses of militaryequipment. Theterrorists managed to hit a Ukrainian tankT-64 and a truck Ural and destroy four howitzers "D-30".

ATO forcesresponded with a heavyattack. They completelydestroyed a camp of theterrorists, so the losses ofmilitants are counted in hundredsof manpower. "
Militaryequipment was also destroyed and damaged. Butmore details will be known afterreceiving intelligence information,"Dmytrashkivskyiadded.

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