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 Ministry of Internal Affairs Asks Civilians in the ATO Area not to Approach Clusters of Terrorists

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine appelas to the civilian population in the area of ​​ATO to be as careful as possible and to avoid clusters of militants.

"Since the active phase of the anti-terrorist operation was extended, as it was announced by the President of Ukraine, the main request to people who are now in the zone of conflict is to avoid clusters of militants, do not approach sites of their main positions, and to try to be as close as possible to shelters," adviser of the head of Ministry of Internal Affairs Zorian Shkiriak responded to "Interfax-Ukraine "on Tuesday, Censor.NET reports.

He reminded that members of the illegal armed groups have repeatedly shelled residential areas in order to blame the Ukrainian side, so he does not exclude that the militants will continue this practice.

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Zorian Shkiriak assured that Ukrainian servicemen will never use weapons in residential areas and against civilians.

The adviser of the Minister said that they already tested an alert system, so everyone can leave the combat zone in time. He acknowledged that the threat remains that the
militants will not allow civilians to leave the area in order to use people as "human shields."

Shkiriak asked civilians for consideration and understanding of the actions of Ukrainian servicemen and the decision of the President of Ukraine regarding the termination of the truce. According to him, these actions are directed, first of all, to "accelerate the restoration of peace in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions for the purpose of destruction and expulsion Russian militants from Ukraine."

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He said that the government will do everything possible to establish peace and restore infrastructure in the region as sson as possible.

"There has been enough pain, enough suffering, enough deaths and innocent victims. We must put an end to lawlessness on the Ukrainian land," the Minister's adviser said.

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