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 "We Prefer to be Judged Rather Than Buried": The Militants are Trying to Defect and Join the ATO Forces - NSDC

Groups of terrorists are trying to negotiate with the command of the Ukrainian troops over creation of corridors that will allow them to join the ATO forces or enter the territory of the Russian Federation being unarmed as a result of the ATO active phase resumption.

This was announced at today's briefing byNSDC Speaker Colonel Andrii Lysenko, Censor.NET reports citing LigaBusinessInform.

One of the terrorists' expressions evenbecame a winged phrase: "I'd rather be judged by twelve men thencarried in the coffer by six," he said.

According to the speaker of the NSDC, theUkrainian troops show extremely high fighting spirit.

"Now they carry out powerful air andartillery strikes on terrorists' strong points, roadblocks, basesand throngs that led to a significant reduction of militants'activity," Lysenko said.

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Each call from the militants is carefullychecked "because it could be a trap."

"The information of this kind is carefullychecked and everything possible is done to ensure that these peopleare not followed by their former regimental comrades. Thesemeasures are complied as quiet as possible. But there are facts ofmilitants' desertion and they get the maximum disclosure," Lysenkoadded.

Earlier, speaker of the antiterroristoperation Oleksii Dmytrashkivskyi reported that terrorists yieldedto the Ukrainian Army after the ATO forces resumed taking activemeasures to neutralize the militants.

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It should be reminded that President ofUkraine Petro Poroshenko, following the results of the meeting ofthe National Security and Defense Council, decided to suspend theunilateral ceasefire in the Donbas on the night of Tuesday.

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