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 1st Tank Brigade in the Area of ATO Demands all the Combat Vehicles of the Ukrainian Army to be Equipped with Newest "Nozh" Active Protection Systems - Journalist

A significant number of the Ukrainian armed forces’ armored combat vehicles are not equipped with the active protection systems, which may lead to losses.

Censor.NET chief editor Yurii Butusov wrote about it on his Facebook page.

"1st tank brigade in the area of the ATO requests to equip all combat vehicles of the Ukrainian Army with the newest "Nozh"(the knife) active protection system produced in Ukraine. A significant number of armored vehicles are currently not equipped with active protection systems and this may lead to losses. Several brigades' tanks equipped by the Nozh complexes were directly hit by anti-tank guided missiles "Shturm" and "Fagot" as well as missiles, launched from RPG-7 rocket launcher, without any damage.

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I am writing this openly being aware of the total organizational helplessness of the Defense Ministry and hoping that at least someone can pay attention to this problem. Tanks are means of breaking the defenses of the enemy, so they are well equipped with anti-tank missiles of all classes from "Russian military shops". The Nozh system may not be purchased in a supermarket, thus some volunteers will not cope with its supply. Active protection systems are of urgent need," Butusov insists.

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