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 Poroshenko Has to Finally Stop Playing the Farce with the Truce. Aggressor Should Get His Teeth Knocked out - Journalist

Putin’s goal in the truce is clear - to strengthen the Russian mercenaries with heavy armored vehicles and artillery from the Russian Federation.

This is stated by journalist and military expert Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"Our "allies" from the U.S. and the EU pretend not to notice it. Oh well, the task is becoming slightly more complicated. But I hope that the President will finally stop playing this farce. Further gutless extension of the "truce" will lead to the opponents' strengthening with impunity. It means that thanks to the armored vehicles and artillery they will greatly enforce their defense, and increase the number of saboteur groups who will be able to under cover of armored vehicles act more intensely," Butusov wrote.

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According to him, the attempt to treat a military conflict with diplomacy terms is a very narrow and limited approach.

"Russia's military intervention cannot be stopped by "reverence assurances". The aggressor should get his teeth knocked out. I do not mind Poroshenko prolonging the truce, I do not mind a pause of the ATO - it has always been a figure of speech and not a military operation. But at that I would like for a new structure of the military command to be created and for the police operations against armed gangsters and racketeers not to stop. Mr. Poroshenko, keep talking about peace but start to really force the peace," the journalist called on the President.

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