Azov Battalion Detained Ally of Russian Saboteur Girkin. He Boasted about Killing Ukrainians. PHOTO

Soldiers of Azov volunteer battalion detained centurion of the so-called Pro-Russian Cossacks of Berdyansk Ihor Huskov who is one of the closest allies of the Russian saboteur Igor Girkin, also known as Strelok (Shooter).

"Today, as a result of a special operation by Azovbattalion we detained centurion of Pro-Russian Cossacks ofBerdyansk Huskov Ihor", said a statement of the battalion, postedon its Facebook page. The statement also includes a picture of thedetainee and the list of Berdyansk Cossack thugs, Censor.NET reports.

It is alsoreported that even during the interrogation Huskov bragged aboutkilling our soldiers and torturing Ukrainian prisoners when hefought in the so-called militia under the command of Girkin(Strelok/Shooter).

"At the moment weare conducting the questioning, so the video of it will be postedtomorrow," the fighters of Azov wrote.

задержание террорист азов

задержание террорист азов

задержание террорист азов

List of Berdyansk Cossack thugs.

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