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 Turchinov Speaking of International Assistance: We Have not Received Even a Slingshot from the West

Ukraine has received a lot of support from foreign partners in current difficult situation but it was mostly moral support.

This was stated by Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Oleksandr Turchinov Censor.NET informs citing Ukrinform.

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"Yes, there are guarantor states on paper (The countries that guarantee the security and territorial integrity of Ukraine. - Ed.), but the reality shows that all we have got from them is sympathy and individual meal packs. And that's it" the speaker said. According to him, all democratic countries publicly supported Ukraine, and we are very grateful for it. Moral support and the pressure of public opinion from all around the world have played a very important role, especially at the initial stage, as well as the threat of economic sanctions.

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"I have met with many heads of European countries, USA, Canada, requesting to provide us with assistance in the form of weapons and technical means. Having new high-accuracy weapons would allow us not only to fight more effectively, but also to protect civilians better. Alas, we have not received even a slingshot from them. And that's true," Turchinov said.

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