Militants Carried Out a Series of Attacks on Positions of ATO Forces: Paratroopers Recaptured Checkpoint Number 1 near Sloviansk – Information Resistance

The terrorists carried out a series of attacks on the ATO forces positions for the last three hours.

Director of the Center for Military PoliticalStudies Dmitrii Tymchuk wrote about it onhis page on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

The operational information of the InformationResistance group says that the terrorists carried out a series ofattacks on the ATO forces positions for the last three hours.

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- Thecheckpoint number 3 was fired from automatic grenade launcherAGS-17 and RPG grenade launchers. There are no casualties among thesecurity forces personnel.

- Theterrorists fired the ATO forces checkpoint at the crossing of theroads leading to Sloviansk and Krasnii Liman for half an hourstarting at 04.45 pm. They were shelling using mortars. 2 soldierswere wounded.

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- Marinesengaged into battle with the militants near the checkpoint number 1which was captured by the militants earlier. The checkpoint wasreturned under the ATO forces control.

- Thestrong point of the ATO forces near the Tarany village (Donetskregion, Shakhterskii District) is currently under terroristsfire.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n291844