UN Refugee Agency: Sharp Increase in Ukrainian Displacement from the Donbas and Crimea up to 54 Thousands.

According to the UN Refugee Agency, now estimate that 54,400 people are internally displaced. Over the past week, the number of internally displaced increased by over 16,400.

The website of the UN Refugee Agency gives such an information,Censor.NET reports.

54,400 people are displaced now - 12,000 from Crimea and therest from the Eastern region. The rise in numbers of the past weekcoincides with a recent deterioration of the situation in EasternUkraine. Displaced people cite worsening law and order, fear ofabductions, human rights violations and the disruption of stateservices.

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Over the past week, the number of internally displaced increasedby over 16,400.

Increases are also being seen in the numbers of Ukrainians inRussia and other countries, although so far only a relatively smallnumber have applied for refugee status.

Since the start of the year around 110,000 Ukrainians havearrived in Russia, and 750 have requested asylum in Poland,Belarus, Czech Republic and Romania. Of those in Russia only 9,600have requested asylum. Most people are seeking other forms of legalstay, often we are told because of concerns about complications orreprisals in case of return to Ukraine.

Arrivals of the past few days are mainly clustered inRostov-On-Don (12,900 people, including 5,000 children) and Byransk(6,500 people). In Rostov, people are being accommodated in publicbuildings and some tented camps. In Bryansk the majority arestaying with relatives and friends.

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