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 Militants Attacked Checkpoints Near Sloviansk Using the Grad Rocket Launchers and Tanks. The Aerodrome in Kramatorsk is also Under Shelling. PHOTOS & VIDEO

The last day of truce ends by a massive battle in eastern Ukraine.

Military journalist Ruslan Yarmoliuk whois now at the forefront of the ATO said that two checkpoints nearSloviansk were attacked by terrorists. The militants were shellingUkrainian Army positions, using "Grad" MRLS (multiplerocket launcher system) and tanks. He wrote this on his page on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"It has started! The terrorists areshelling two roadblocks near Sloviansk, using "Grad" and tanks! Andthis is the last day of the truce! These guys are asking for somefiring upon themselves!! God give them strength," journalistwrote.

"Here goescannonade in Sloviansk. Alarm system works in Sloviansk. Artilleryis shelling in Sloviansk again. Eyewitnesses report of two tanks inthe Artem neighbourhood in Sloviansk. One of them drove toward thefish farm, being previously standing near the fire station. Thesecond moved to "Palermo" inside the park. The terrorists arefiring NONA from Artem neighbourhood on Karachun,"eyewitnesses write on their accounts on Twitter.

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"A salvofrom the side of the Stankostroi district in Kramatorsk and anotherone immediately after it. And another one. And one more ... and yetanother one ... and more ... Terrorists fired at a militaryaerodorome in Kramatorsk. About 10 shots were made. It is quietagain now. More explosions. The shots are heard from the citycenter quite strongly. Now the sound of shelling is much moreremote. They either are shooting from different locations or theyaim different targets. Artillery shelling does not stop inKramatorsk. The alarm sounds in Kramatorsk. Now the sound ofgunfire could be heard from the village of Bilenke or from thepolice department. The alarm sounds violently. The alarm finallystops ... The terrorists seem to change their position again ...Silence. Some shells hit the area of the filter station onYubileina Street. Others hit the area of electric power station onShcherbakov Street in Kramatorsk. Considering the direction of theshots, the terrorists wanted to leave Kramatorsk without water andelectricity again," witnesses writes about the situation inKramatorsk on Twitter.

Terrorists fired the cityfrom the garages near the dwelling houses in the Damanskiineighbouhood in Kramatorsk.

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House at 42 Palatsova Street, Kramatorsk after being fired atby the terrorists

TheUkrainian Army does not want to use Grad rocket launchers becauseof the eventual danger of casualties among civilpopulation.

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